Independent Clubs Association, HKUSU

The Independent Clubs Association, HKUSU is an administrative body that collaborates the effort of its fellow Independent Clubs. It is a mediating body between the 20 Independent Clubs and HKUSU. Besides, ICA is also responsible for the preparation of Registration Day, which aims at promoting the affiliated clubs to freshmen.

ICA has a history of well over half a century, but when the Association’s name came into existence is uncertain. However, traces of ICA can be found in the 1940s. At that time, no record of Representative of ICA in the Union Council have been made, yet from some archives, annual reports of existing ICA clubs could be found, though they did not have representatives in the Council.

In March 10, 1952, in order to enhance communication between ICA and its affiliated clubs, the seat of President of ICA was established in the Union Council, and this is also the earliest official record of ICA. With 16 affiliated clubs in total, ICA by then had only two posts, the President and the Secretary.

Until now, ICA has 20 affiliated clubs. With clubs involving in different areas, including international affairs, interest groups, religious and social services, ICA is characterized by its large variety. Every year, they provide the students of HKU with a fruitful life. Together with the 20 Independent Clubs, each with a different mission and vision, ICA strives to bring togetherness that can help all the Independent Clubs to reach new heights.